Clarence Collins  of PQ Bullies 502

"I just work hard stay as humble as possible to set myself apart stick to the vision set forth by us as a kennel family!"- Clarence Collins  Read More







Lamar Rice of Blue Grass Bully Kennels

So many different motivations I can give but what I really enjoy is the dogs company and how they all are different with their own personality.  Each dog brings joy and a lot of great memories for me and the family.  And to be able to share that feelings with others is motivation in itself. 

 - Lamar Rice

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 Restoration XL Bullies 

I breed for longevity and good health, good calm and sweet temperaments, an active functional bully, short muscle bellies, short to medium backs, good bone density, big pumpkin heads with apple cheeks and those signature light grey eyes.-Restoration XL Bullies   Read More


2016-07-24 (19)

Bully Cream Oil

We also just launched an All Natural Bath Salt for Dogs it smells amazing it targets the Coat that has a stinky smell and give your Dog the best smell ever.

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Moe of Rich Breed Kennels  

  I think that it's absurd for a breeder to aim towards creating the world’s biggest dog, especially when you're talking about some of the bully breeds. I think that many people that are trying to create the biggest dogs are going about it the wrong way, and are placing their dogs health at risk. Read More



 2016-07-24 (5)

      Roger Speaks out

"It’s what I believe my dog is, an American bully mixed with a Labrador retriever. I have studied the many structures of these dogs and have read the abkc guidelines for these dogs and none seem to fit my pups. He has really long thick fur, a long bushy tail, a small head, and long pointy muzzle. "       

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2016-07-24 (16) 

Pamela Robledo of Duke City of Pitbulls

 If I had to give advice to newbies I would say research and a savings account is absolutely important. I don't think a lot of these people come into the dog world expect to spend what it takes. On any given month we spend 1500.00+ on these dogs. We just recently made our kennel an actual business. It will be nice to be able to write everything spent off for the dogs.

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"Every new breeder should know they don't have to go out and buy a million dogs to start up and be successful. It's a process, breed your dogs, keep the pick pups and build from there. "

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 20160414_212938"I'm always surprised  about how many different kind of bullies exist) they all are so different! And this is good, and bad in the same time! I think it’s a really unique and magnificent breed!"read more



" nothing comes fast this is truly one of those businesses where you have to really love the dogs far past any common sense where a normal person would of quit and threw in the towel you have to persevere when your friends are out doing fun stuff, you, (laughs) you will be home caring for the dogs when holidays come around you won't be at grandmas house eating pie, you will be at home bottle feeding puppies. But if none of that bothers you in time yeah you can be profitable but it's not overnight"Read More




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1724475_1156462827716147_322002689166565315_nBully World Wide  sat down with our good friend Tone of Duval Bullies. Tone talks about the things that inspires him to be in the Bully Breed. Tone also talks about his plans for 2016 for  CH Waffle House .Read More