“A perfect litter to me is 100% consistent” – Lamar Rice


BWW: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

LR: Lamar Rice

BWW: What made you name your kennel Blue Grass Bully Kennels?

LR: Kentucky is known as the bluegrass state because it has been said that in some areas the grass looks blue.  Just used my location along with the blues as a compliment to each other and it all fell in together with Blueline Bloodline


BWW: What inspired you to get involved with this breed?

LR: Really was a heads up between a few breeds.  But my brother gave me my first bully and it was over ever since. That kind of wiped out the other breeds I was contemplating about breeding.  Being around that particular dog/breed during a time in my life where things was on the low for me just drew me even closer to the breed

BWW: What is the Bully Scene like in Kentucky?

 LR: Kentucky is pretty common for bullies.  The more you network the more you see out here. A lot of people here are into the pockets more than anything.

BWW: What motivates you as a Dog Breeder?

LR: So many different motivations I can give but what I really enjoy is the dogs company and how they all are different with their own personality.  Each dog brings joy and a lot of great memories for me and the family.  And to be able to share that feelings with others is motivation in itself.  Another avenue is to be able to produce some of the baddest dogs.  Meaning, not just one or two out a litter but a complete litter of consistency and just outstanding looking dogs all together

BWW: Can you tell us about some of the dogs and bloodlines you have in your breeding program?

LR: I only rock with Blueline Blood so that is the only thing in my yard.  Have a direct son and daughter of Bluelines War Machine.  The male coming from Blueline Muffin Top and a female from a War Machine daughter.  Also a female who is a KIN of Blueline MC Hammer and a few other blueliners running the yard.  

 BWW: What makes Blue Line Blood the best bloodline around?

LR: Saying Blueline is the best is a matter of a personal opinion.  But what caught my eye was the way they didn’t fade away from the pit bull look.  They kept everything proportionally correct and that is what I like.  Athletic looking dog!

BWW: Do you have a favorite dog that you have produced?

LR: No, I do not have a favorite one.

BWW: A lot of breeders are chasing that perfect litter, what are your thoughts on that?

LR: A perfect litter to me is 100% consistent. If that is what they are referring to I’m with that.


BWW: Some people think becoming a breeder is quick money. What are your thoughts on that?

LR: Definitely could be quick money.  But like any investment, things might not go as planned.  But my reality is it’s not so quick.  The amount of time I put into the dogs daily adds up.  So over the course of time it’s not quick at all.   



BWW: What type of diet do you keep your dogs on throughout the year?

LR: I use Victor.  Some of the best stuff I have ever used and the dogs love it.  I tried everything from $23 for a 50lb bag to $77 for a 30lb. bag and everything in between.  And we are fortunate enough to have Victor locally

BWW: How big of a role has the Internet played in building your kennel?

LR: Very huge.  Makes networking and promoting so much more convenient.  The internet makes so many things a lot more instant.

BWW: Who are your Top 5 American Bullies of all time?

LR:    Won’t say Top 5 because it won’t be fair.  But just know most of them have deceased.  Would have loved to see some of them back when they was ahead of their time.

BWW: Do you have any dogs up for stud, or any litters on the ground?


LR:  No dogs up for stud and yes, litter at the current moment


BWW: Tell our readers where they can find you at online?


LR:  IG Bluegrassbullykennel_blueline