“I just work hard stay as humble as possible to set myself apart stick to the vision set forth by us as a kennel family!”- Clarence Collins


BWW: Let me start off by saying thank you for taking time out of your schedule to give us this interview. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

CC: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be interviewed it’s a pleasure! My name is Clarence Collins and  my kennel name is Pqbullies502 of Players Quarters Bullies!

BWW: Where is your kennel located at?

CC: I’m located in Louisville, Kentucky home of the greatest Muhammad Ali also home to the Kentucky Derby and Louisville Slugger baseball bat!    

BWW: What is the Bully Scene like in Kentucky?

 CC: The bully scene in Kentucky was slow for some time but is now picking up rapidly with some great up and coming kennels!


BWW: Can you tell us about some of the dogs and bloodlines you have in your breeding program?

 CC: Well I have Abkc XL Champion Fendi produced by my partners Jason Esparza and Justin Caffes also a female Gabbana who is a super producer that I produced and a Tri-trindle male named Versace that is becoming a popular favorite on the stud scene soon! As far as bloodlines I have a lot of old school blood edge, greyline, gotti and muggelston!

BWW: Are there any breeders you look up to or study what they have done for their breeding program?              

 CC: Breeders I look up to would be my kennel partner Jason Esparza who is my mentor and I feel is underrated in the bully game and deserves much more credit for what he has done and produced and the passion for this breed we all so love! Also look up to Cat of Ocean state bullies I’ve learned a lot from her program and respect her and her husband for their dedication!  


BWW: Let’s talk about CH Fendi, What plans do you have for her in the future?

 CC: As far as Champion Fendi goes she has been bred to Titletown’s Grch Tazz so after her litter we plan on hitting the show ring again to compete for that ABKC Grch title!


BWW: How big of a role has the Internet played in building your kennel?


CC: Well really IG has played a major part in the building process! Word of mouth and just reaching out to others has also played a part as well!  


BWW: If you can change one thing about the bully game, what would you change?

CC: As far as if I could change one thing about the bully game it would be more unity among one another stop the hatred on one another and come together to better the breed!


BWW: How do you set yourself apart from other breeders?

CC: I just work hard stay as humble as possible to set myself apart stick to the vision set forth by us as a kennel family!


BWW: What is the vision you have for your breeding program?


 CC: My vision is to better myself through my breeding’s and blood quality over quantity and one day compete in the show ring and have multiple Champs and Grand champs on my yard!


BWW: What type of diet do you keep your dogs on throughout the year?


CC: As far as a diet my dogs are on all raw diet year in and out! A lot of meats, fish, organs, fruits and vegetables!


BWW: Do you have any dogs up for stud, or any litters on the ground?


CC: Up for Stud I have Armani Black a Grch Omen grandson and soon to be up for Stud Tri-Me Versace a Ch Tridiesel son! I have two litters about to drop Ch Fendi’s litter drops end of May and Gabbana’s litter drops first week of June Lord willing!    


BWW: Who are your Top 5 American Bullies of All time?


CC: As far as a top 5 studs I don’t really have one I like a lot of them and think there is a lot of great producers out there I feel we have some great ones in our kennel that are very underrated!


BWW: What are your goals for 2017?


CC: Goals for 2017 are to keep getting better in my breeding program and get back to the show ring stay humble and keep building!  


BWW: Tell our readers where they can find you at online?


CC: As far as online I currently don’t have a web site and am currently working on that part so for right now on Instagram @pqbullies_502 and email collins.clarencejr@yahoo.com    

BWW: Any last words?

CC: My last words would be I’m a huge supporter of the Bullyworldwide movement wish all well GOD BLESS and thanks for this great opportunity!