Restoration XL Bullies

 I breed for longevity and good health, good calm and sweet temperaments, an active functional bully, short muscle bellies, short to medium backs, good bone density, big pumpkin heads with apple cheeks and those signature light grey eyes.-Restoration XL Bullies 

BWW: Let me start off by saying thank you for taking time out of your schedule to give us this interview. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

CS: It’s a honor and a privilege, thank you for thinking of my program for this opportunity. My name is Curtis Sistrunk owner of Restoration XL Bullies.

BWW: Where is your kennel located?

CS: We are located in the Auburn, Opelika area in Alabama. 

BWW: How did you come up with your Kennel Name?

CS: The name Restoration is something very personal to me. There was a time in my life where I did all I could do to not only sabotage my life and my family as well, I become a disgrace and I hit rock bottom. At that moment I decided that a change was necessary, so I surrendered and gave my life to Christ.  From that moment forward everything I thought I lost was given back and it was given back to me better, it was ‘ Restored’. I’m Restored both naturally and spiritually, so hence the name Restoration. When customers decide to do business with Restoration XL bullies not only will they get nice all around xl bullies but they will also get a part of me from start to finish.

BWW: What type of dogs do you breed, and what inspired you to get involved with that particular breed?

CS: I breed XL american bullies my inspiration came from a razors edge bloodline dog I owned named Gino he was a muscled up red male with an amazing calm temperament to match. I used to get a lot of compliments and interest from people about how amazing he looked and that he should be in magazines. So I decided to create my very own XL version of Gino in different colors, keeping the muscles, the tight head shape, the short to medium back and most of all the temperament. 

BWW: What is your Favorite Bloodline?

CS: My favorite bloodline right now is Sunlines. You can recognize a dog that has Sunlines in his blood, the gentle temperament, the head pieces and the signature light grey eyes. My female Bluegorillas Foxy Brown threw that Sunlines look hard on her first breeding with Kaliiron Sensei of RTG Bullies. All the pups had the same consistent look and just sweet temperaments to go along with it and I have been hooked since.


BWW: How long have you been breeding dogs?

CS: I have been breeding dogs now for 24 years and 2 years with XL american bullies. I started out as a young teenager breeding Huskies with Australian Shepherds, I had a vision of creating my very own Alaskan Shepherds. My Mom gave away all my dogs before I got 3 generations in, that was a very heartbreaking moment for me because it was a passion and I looked forward to working and improving the bloodline I created when I got home from school. 

BWW: Can you tell us about some of the dogs and bloodlines you have in your breeding program?

CS: I have 4 females and one monster male. Bluegorilla Foxy Brown is the staple to my program she is off the breeding Sunlines the Rock of BGK and Next Level Krisis. She is the sweetest dog I have ever owned and that’s saying a lot. Smitty’s Kitana is off of ABC kennel Kano and Dora breeding she has a strong RBG bloodline background. She is another female I have that is a very athletic bully but she has a very calm temperament at the same time. She can go 0 to 100 at any given time and loves to work. Gigi is my keeper female from Foxy and Kaliiron Sensei of RTG Bullies she has Foxy temperament and Sensei drive when it comes to playing and horsing around she is a very big tall girl already at 6 months. Oxxline Jade is from Rednecks choice kennels she is off Oxxline Early Liberty and Ellis Ikai breeding she loves attention, very affectionate and sweet girl she is also a big and tall girl for age of 5 months. Last but not least my stud Colosseum Monsta off of the HPP Mr. Universe and RCP Cobra breeding, this boy has it all to me he has muscles, bone density, correct feet for a dog his size, huge head and he loves to work.

BWW: How do you make breeding choices? What characteristics do you breed for?  

CS: I make my breeding choices according to my vision and what I think the dog weak areas are according to my vision. I’m highly critical of all my dogs and I critique them in areas that need improvement and correction and from that critiquing I  make my choice on what outside stud to use to bring those weak areas up but at the same time staying in the parameters of my vision. I breed for longevity and good health, good calm and sweet temperaments, an active functional bully, short muscle bellies, short to medium backs, good bone density, big pumpkin heads with apple cheeks and those signature light grey eyes.

BWW: How do you set yourself apart from other breeders?

CS: I would say I’m passionate. Not only passionate about the breed but also for my customers and their families. I breed to improve my yard so I strive to put alot of discipline, commitment and focus into each breeding with my customers also in mind. I have a family with children so I make sure that my pups are able to function in a family home. I stand behind all my pups and dogs and I aim to give the best customer experience that I’m capable of.

BWW: What advice would you give a person who wants to become a breeder?


CS: Ask yourself Why? Why do you want to become a breeder? What is your motive? What are you looking to accomplish out of breeding? If your main objective is to make as much money as you can and to get rich you are setting yourself up for failure. You can’t have longevity in this business with money as the main objective, if this is your dream and you are obsessed with it then success will automatically follow. You have to be able to take the punches that come along as a breeder, the sacrifices, untimely deaths, breedings that don’t take, people with bad business ethics, health issues, vet bills etc. and yes all of this goes on while you’re trying to juggle a normal life. The mistake alot of young breeders make is chasing the most popular stud at the time because he’s hot, his stats are the highest right now and his pups sell, you have to have a vision of your own and sometimes that popular stud does not compliment and correct weak areas on your female, now you’re stuck with selling pups that didn’t turn out the way you planned. Success happens when you are willing to go against what’s comfortable, go against what’s popular and make a path of your own. Don’t chase pedigrees either, you can only handle and deal with the dog or dogs in front of you first.

BWW: What are your thoughts on Bully community as a whole?

CS: There is negativity in everything but I think the Bully community is headed in a positive direction. With groups like bullyworldwide it helps to educate a lot of breeders, brings information to the table, organize events  and helps to promote the breed in a more positive way, I really commend you on all your hard work and time you put in to help make our breed a household name again amongst families which is huge.

BWW: Tell our readers where they can find you at online?

CS: I can be reached on instagram @rxbbullies, Facebook @restoration xl bullies @Curtis sistrunk our website

BWW: Any last words?

CS: This summer you will begin to see Restorations imprint on the xl bullyworld. The breeding’s I have in place will produce fit, active muscular bullies, nice round tight pumpkin heads, wide deep chests, bone, short to medium backs, solid temperaments for families and a good foundation dog. To all expierenced breeders continue to do what you do don’t give in to the fads and trends. And to all up and comers stay with your vision and improve on each breeding, ask questions, do your research and get advice from dogmen and women who has been in the business for a while. Dont procrastinate PLAN , EXECUTE, SUCCEED AND REPEAT.