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2016-07-24 (5)

Editor Note: This Interview is based on accusations against Carolina Bully Farms by Mr. Roger.

BWW: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
R: Hello my name is Roger and I live in the northern Virginia area and work in Washington dc. I am a big fan of the bully and mastiff breeds over the last 15 years.

BWW: What made you want to buy a puppy from Carolina Bully Farms (CBF)?
R: I stumbled upon them on YouTube a couple of years ago like everyone else. After watching a couple of their videos I saw one of their main stud dogs “Big Country” and I really wanted a pup off him. He looked structurally awesome and seemed to have a really good laid back temperament. The family also looked real honest and seemed to care for their animals really good.

BWW: Can you tell our readers about your issues with Carolina Bully Farms?
R: Basically Carolina Bully farms sold me a dog that was supposed to be sired by their stud dog “BIG COUNTRY” and dam “Piglet” which was not (this was about after a year of getting the runaround about every litter dying and they kept telling me to wait for the next breeding, but that’s how they steal your $500 deposit). What they did was buy a litter of scatter-bred dogs from a breeder in Texas called southern bully Kamp and re sold them to unsuspecting customers as big country x piglet puppies. Carolina bully farms also hung the abkc paper work for that litter, claiming it was their production. The pup’s health certificates were also faked. I did some research and called the veterinarian on that paper work and they told me CBF hasn’t been in their office in over three years and know CBF are being investigated by the authorities for falsifying those health documents. As a result of those falsified heath certificates the pup had worms and a bad case of mange when I received the pup. Lastly I am not sure what type of breed this pup is, I don’t know if it is some kind of bully mixed with another breed of dog or if its just the result of a poor scatter bred breeding.

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BWW: When did you notice that Ace may not have been sired by CBF Big Country?
R: I started to have my suspicions when CBF sent me pictures of the questionable litter in august of 2015. I noticed they were the same pictures on Southern bully Kamps Instagram page. I confronted Jim about it and he assured me that big country and piglet sired them, he said they had sent big country’s seamen out to Southern Bully kamp and they artificially inseminated piglet at southern bully kamps kennel in Texas. But it turned out SBK never even had piglet at their kennel and no seamen was ever sent. I gave CBF the benefit of the doubt the whole time because they seemed like honest and innocent people. In November of 2015 several other people that were scammed by CBF contacted me on social media and gave me a lot of information about the scam and other people that bought pups from the questionable litter. Over the next couple of months I started doing research on the scam and the information I was finding was really getting shocking. So in March 2016 I did a dna test thru abkc to find the truth on who the real sire and dam is but cbf refuses to do the test which confirms my suspicion on the whole scam.

BWW: Some People believe you are just unhappy with your dog and Carolina Bully Farms did nothing wrong. What are your thoughts on that?
R: I love my dog and provide him with the best care and attention I can possibly give him. What happened was not his fault; it was just the breeders and his lack of transparency and honesty with his customers. I’m just really upset and disappointed at CBF’S fraudulent business practices. I had so much trust and respect for them, but buying the cheapest litters on craigslist and re selling them to unsuspecting customers is not being a true honest breeder. That’s just being money hungry and greedy. I understand this is a business and you have to pay bills and mortgages but making this your main source of income is not good because you resort to unethically ways of to get every last dollar you can and you start to lose the love of the dogs. We as customers are paying top dollar for a specific breed of dog, looks, and temperament. We did not pay to be put in a lottery of people waiting to be picked by luck to just to get whatever dog CBF can find on the internet and re sell them to us as one of their productions that’s called a SCAM.

BWW: When you reached out to Jim and Cody about your concerns, what response did you get back?
R: Basically lies and the run around. Jim said this is a new breed and this is how they come out looking sometimes and couldn’t be sure if something was mixed in back in his pedigree. He said he would get all his dogs DNA to be sure and to trust the paper work and blood but he never did so that’s when I went to the ABKC since CBF never made the effort. Jim said the mange is very common in these dogs and that even champions have it and is something I just have to live with by owning this breed and kept giving me backyard cures. I was not satisfied with that answer so I consulted my vet, which put him on some shots to get rid of the mange and put him on a regular worming schedule. CBF said they would cover the vet bill but never did claiming they don’t have the money and insulted my vet saying “she don’t know shit bout dogs” and told me to get a vet that specializes in bully’s. Why am I going to trust a backyard breeder that has been lying to me for over a year over an honest vet that’s been practicing for over twenty years and has taken care of our other dogs?

BWW: Why do you think Carolina Bully Farms didn’t do the DNA Challenge?
R: Because they know big country and piglet did not sire the litter in question. Its easier for them to deny it and discredit the registry and the scammed customers then to come out and say they lied about the whole thing and countless other scams they have been involved with these dogs.

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BWW: What is a Labra bully?
R: It’s what I believe my dog is, an American bully mixed with a Labrador retriever. I have studied the many structures of these dogs and have read the abkc guidelines for these dogs and none seem to fit my pups. He has really long thick fur, a long bushy tail, a small head, and long pointy muzzle. Those aren’t bully type features. I understand the “Lanky” stage, the awkward way many pups look in early stages of life but my dog is just over a year old and he just keeps looking more and more labradorish as time goes on not bully at all. Or he could just be the product of a poorly planned scatter bred breeding I was never told about.

BWW: What are your thoughts on The ABKC banned?
R: It was the right thing to do. If I were an honest reputable breeder I would have no problem with one of my customers wanting a DNA sample of one of my dogs unless I was trying to hide something from them. The abkc has nothing to prove by banning or not banning them they just want their studbooks to be correct and the customer just wants to know the truth on who sired the dog in question that’s it. All we are asking for is the simple truth.

BWW: Is there any way that you and Carolina Bully Farms can resolve this issue?
R: Unfortunately at this time Carolina bully farms does not acknowledge me or the questionable pup they sold me. With no communication on their part their will never be a resolution. To be honest I would be fine with a public apology, CBF just needs to come clean with their scams and just be honest and transparent to all of they’re customers about their breeding’s. No one is “hating” on CBF and no one wants to take your money or family business away. I support independent business just keep it honest and professional that’s key to good business.

BWW: Tell our readers where they can find you at online?
R: They can find my dog and his story on Instagram @ace_the_labrabully and I welcome them to make their own conclusion on this matter.

BWW: Any last words for the readers of
R: In order for us to preserve this breed and make it a household name breeders must be honest and ethical in their breeding and business practices. If scams like this keep happening in the breed no one will ever take this breed seriously and will inevitably be an end to this awesome breed. Thank you for your time and giving me an unbiased platform to let the truth out. I don’t want any more innocent people to be taken advantage of by cbf.