Tone Roldan

Tone Roldan of Duval Bullies

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BWW:  Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

TR: I’m Tone Roldan of Duval Bullies


BWW: Let’s talk about Duval Bullies, Who is all a part of it?

TR: Duval Bullies is a kennel of four including myself, Marco Garcia, Prie FitLife & Joel marrow.


BWW: What inspired you to get involved with this breed?

TR: I had pitbulls growing up as a kid and always wanted them again when I was able. So as a adult when I had my life situated the pits evolved into what looked like pits but were so much more heavy in bine head and substance so like most beginners I bought a cheaper dog which was snoop and he’s was the best. So I got into showing because everyone thought that this breed I bought was going to kill everyone so I was in a mission to prove it was the owners that were bad ad bit the breed so I trained snoop to be very obedient and eventually found the abkc where his obedience paid off big time. Snoops first show he took three 1st places after that I was hooked.


BWW: Let’s talk about Black Label’s CH Waffle House. Who is he off of?

TR: Waffle House is off R.i.p Ch Black Labels Warren G x Black labels Bojangles , He’s 2x Garfield line bred easy rida


BWW: In 2015 you and CH Waffle House was all over the country. What drove you to go to all those shows?

TR: We pushed waffle hard in 2015 to try to break his fathers abkc record of youngest bully Champion in Abkc history which we were close but fell short by a couple months


BWW: Can you tell us about being a Professional handler?

TR: Handling has been one if my favorite hobbies that has taken me all around the country and I’ve met some of my best friends doing it. The bond between the dogs is something that comes natural to me and I love it


BWW: What ways can ways can handlers improve in the ring?

TR: My advice to other handlers would be to be honest with your clients about their dogs and for me the best way to get the dog to work is wit love. Positive action is much better then negative or angry action


BWW: Can you give 2 ­to 3 tips that every new American Bully owner should be aware of and know?

TR: 3 tips I can give is 1. Don’t be cheap u get what u pay for. 2. See your studs or pups in person before sending money to anyone. 3. This hobby takes a lot of hard work and dedication so if you’re not ready for the grind just get a pet


12512490_1197834020245694_6861014884975075176_nBWW: How big of a role has the Internet played in building your kennel?

TR: The Internet plays a big role in today’s advertising for almost everything. If you’re not at the shows on a regular u have no other ways of promoting your kennel or business without the Internet.


BWW: Now-a-days everyone is always talking about the “State of Bully Community “, what are your thoughts on its evolution or decline?

TR: I hit a lot of shows and I hardly ever feel like the wrong dog has been picked in the ring. Honestly it depends on who u deal with. If u deal with respectable kennels who do things right then u see evolution but if u accept every friend request u get then I’m sure you’ll see plenty of decline in our breed. Long story short you are who you hang around, if everyone around you got cheap crappy dogs I’m sure that’s what you’ll get but if you hang around nothing but straight bulls them I’m sure you’ll get a bull. Only the people can make it better.


BWW: What are your goals for 2016?

TR: My goals for 2016 is to turn some of those dogs we champed in 2015 into Grand Champions!!Also to make CH Waffle House in to a Grand Champion and push him into the top 10.


BWW: Tell our readers where they can find you at online?

You can find us at or Facebook us at Tone Roldan you can also follow us on Instagram @Tonelokster


BWW: Any last words?10002_1160479180647845_1634792049657177401_n

TR: Last words thanks you to Bully world wide for all the positive they do promoting our breed In a positive light. Everyone enjoy the show and most of all enjoy your bullies. If ever in need of advice training or boarding feel free to hit us up